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An 11th Hour Character Assassination by the Democrats

Sen. Diane Feinstein had information about an accusation against Judge Kavanaugh in July. if these were credible allegations, why did she do nothing with them for six weeks? Why did she hide the allegations from her colleagues? Why did she not use the process to talk about it?

There were opportunities for Feinstein to meet with Kavanaugh and talk with him. Judge Kavanaugh sat before the American people and the Senate for three days for 32 hrs of hearings. There was a closed-door session where his six background checks by the FBI were talked about.

After the hearings, 1,300 questions were submitted to him to respond and not one of those questions related to these allegations.

This has all the hallmarks of an 11th hour character assassination by the Democrats. They are not respecting the process.

If the allegations were credible, they would have been raised long before this. It’s been a month and a half since these allegations were with the Washington Post and Senator Feinstein. It doesn’t add up.

Republicans have to make sure that a good man is not smeared, that this doesn’t become Anita Hill 2.0.

I was on Fox & Friends to discuss the new allegations against Kavanaugh.