Immigration Video

Will voters agree with Democrats push to abolish ICE?

This sign shows their true agenda: “No NATIONS”???

ICE has become Enemy #1 according to Democrats in this country. That doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.

Most Americans know that ICE was set up to enforce our immigration laws. There are legal ways to enter our country, just as American citizens–when they go abroad–have to follow the laws of the countries they are in. Similar laws apply to people who are in the United States.

The Democrats think abolishing ICE is a winning message for them but they are not going to find support in the ballot box when they push these agendas. The majority of American people want there to be borders and want there to be an enforcement mechanism of our immigration laws.

I was on Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox Business along with Daily Caller News Foundation editor-in-chief Christopher Bedford and The Hill contributor Ned Ryun to discuss how some Democrats are pushing to abolish ICE.