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Democrats are trying so very hard to make Nikki Haley a “Thing”

I was on the Wilkow Show with host Andrew Wilkow talking about Nikki Haley’s campaign, right after the New Hampshire elections. Watch:


Andrew Wilkow
All right. Welcome back to Salem News Channel’s special coverage of the New Hampshire primary, which Donald Trump has won, overcoming all of the efforts by Democrats and so-called independents to meddle in a Republican primary. Now, New Hampshire has this kooky little tradition of opening up the polls in a place called Dixville Notch, where they think there’s only six registered voters at midnight.

And it’s kind of a Punxsutawney Phil kind of thing that goes on. The media was so excited this afternoon. Nikki Haley won all six votes in Dixville Notch. Take a look.

News Anchor in Video
We got four for Nikki Haley so far. Two more to go. Stand by. She’s definitely won the majority here already. The next ballot is being opened and that’s five for Nikki Haley. Is it going to be six for six? Feels like we’re at a sports game. We’re waiting for the results and that is all six voters here in Dixville Notch have voted for Nikki Haley.

Andrew Wilkow
I don’t know why Trump stayed in the race after that. That’s an obvious metric of the whole state. He should have just he should have just exited the race right there and endorsed Nikki Haley.

My next guest is a conservative political analyst, lawyer, commentator and author of the book Right in the World, my friend Gayle Trotter. The media was so excited when they got they got their first taste of possible victory for Nikki Haley. It’s over. Donald Trump won.

Gayle Trotter
That’s right, and they ran with that banner all day long because they wanted to push that message out there. That clip you just showed talking about it being a sport game, it just shows how disconnected they are with the rest of America. It’s really hilarious.

Andrew Wilkow
But isn’t, and I said this to Joey Hudson, isn’t the big story here the effort the Democrats made to meddle in a Republican primary? If Nikki Haley had won, we would have to we’d have to try to dig in and find if there was a possible way to look into the numbers. Who registered on the October six deadline who voted is undeclared. If Nikki Haley had won, it wouldn’t have been with card carrying Republicans. It had been with, you know, meddlers.

Gayle Trotter
That’s right. And the Democrats are great at election interference, as we see over and over and over again.

But thankfully for the people of New Hampshire and really for Americans generally, this has been decided in a way that leaves no doubt that President Trump is in charge of the GOP. He has an agenda that most Republicans support and the Democrats trying to put in additional candidates.

You never take advice from the opposition. You never take advice from the opposing party or the opponent in a sport game.

I think we see this right now that the Democrats were trying so very hard to make Nikki Haley a thing and they have failed.

It will be interesting to see how she assesses this. Will she stay in it hoping that something will happen with Trump, with his indictments or something else will happen that she just hangs around and will be able to essentially walk into the nomination?

Or will she do what Tim Scott and what Ron DeSantis said and what the Vick did that they admitted that they were not getting anywhere and they rallied around the clear leader of the Republican Party right now.

Andrew Wilkow
Well, what’s her spending at? Is it a is it $150 million? It was something like and I know the Chris Christie thing was like the three of them had spent 1$40 million and then she spent heavy in Iowa, spent another $50-60 million in New Hampshire.

Here’s the question. Tim Scott got our and endorsed Donald Trump, they’re going to campaign in South Carolina together, I suspect. FiveThirtyEight has her down 30 points in her home state. What’s her path to the nomination if she can’t win Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina?

Gayle Trotter
Right. There is no path There is no path to the nomination. And like you said, being weak in your home state is just right there, an indication that that’s not going anywhere.

I think what’s interesting to see is how Trump has really been able to rally the establishment Republicans around him, who, you know, many of them say they’re never Trumpers, essentially.

But when push comes to shove and the alternative is a President Biden going into his second term, I think that makes it very clear for anyone who cares about the future of this country that that is not acceptable. People need to put their egos aside and get behind the Trump campaign.

I think it will be very interesting to see what Nikki Haley does.

But if she is really true to what she says to the American people that she’s wanting to support the American way of life and to make sure that we don’t go into a huge crater, then she will suspend her campaign and endorse Trump.

Andrew Wilkow
You know what I think did not work for her: The race and gender card. Right. This is a Republican primary.

First, you say that the United States is not a racist country and the media is shocked, but then she says, well, “I was the little brown girl.”

The one thing I would say to anyone in her campaign, do you really think that the media that that rallied around you, “the little brown girl,” would keep you in their heart once the general race started?

You’d become a white supremacist. You changed your name, you married a white guy, you became a Christian. There would be no love for “the little brown girl.”

Gayle Trotter
That’s exactly right. We saw that with prior presidential campaigns when the media’s top candidate.  McCain, Romney, as soon as they got the nomination, then they became toxic and everything that they could use against him, they could. You would see that with Nikki Haley. But thankfully, we’re not going to have to worry about that.

Andrew Wilkow
That was my monologue last night. Gayle Trotter, thanks so much for joining us.

Gayle Trotter
Great to be with you.