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New “WAR HEROES” TV Series

On RIGHT IN DC, my guest is Jack Thomas Smith who is a producer, writer and a director. He is currently working with Benghazi hero Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto on a new pro-military documentary TV series called “War Heroes.” Everyone knows all about the lives of reality TV stars, but we don’t know about the lives and sacrifices of American soldiers who serve and protect our country. The show personalizes these soldiers by telling their real-life stories at home and abroad. Each episode will profile an individual service member or veteran up close and personal, detailing their unique lives, service, and sacrifice.

We talked about this new TV show, what inspired him to embark on this project, the status and what is planned, the stories that are coming in, and the activism that is needed to help soldiers. We also talked about how (and why) the entertainment industry and the mainstream media portray the military the way they do, his thoughts on socialism, and how he got interested in filmmaking.


War Heroes Official Trailer

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War Heroes: Thriller filmmaker shares inspiration from stories of American soldiers (Washington Times)

SGT Ryan E. Doltz Memorial Foundation

Jack Thomas Smith

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