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New Miscarriage of Justice by the Deep State Against Gen. Flynn

General Flynn’s case should be dismissed and forever done. Flynn should be able to rest easy and put this illegal targeting of him behind him. He has been completed vindicated. Yet shockingly, the federal judge overseeing his case violated his duty as a judge and allow Flynn to be made a piñata again.

Judge Emmett Sullivan issued an order allowing third parties with no legal interest in General Flynn’s case to submit briefs to the court, and he has not approved the order dismissing the charge against General Flynn, as the prosecutors have requested he do. It’s a pro forma request.

Thankfully Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell is on the case and she has already filed a response to this move by Judge Sullivan. The higher court should allow an emergency motion to smack this down and let General Flynn have the justice he deserves and has been so long denied. Justice for all doesn’t just mean justice only for Democrats.




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