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Mark Morgan: Jussie Smollett Case, ISIS Brides, Border Security

My guest on RIGHT IN DC is Mark Morgan, the former Chief of US Border Patrol under the Obama administration. He served 20 years with the FBI, was a police officer with the LAPD and was a US Marine. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark in the green room at Fox News last week. I was so impressed by the information that he had to share with the nation that I asked him if he would come on my show and share it with our listeners as well. After I met Mark in the green room, he went on to CNN and he gave one of the best responses to a CNN host that I’ve ever heard on any subject.

In our interview, we discuss:

  • His thoughts on the Jussie Smollett case and the Chicago Police Department Superintendent’s press conference
  • Implications of Smollett’s exploitation of sensitive issues in America
  • The media and politicians role in this case and their rush to judgement
  • How difficult was this investigation for the Chicago Police?
  • What will the prosecution do?
  • The false narrative that is being created around Smollett
  • Who the real victims are in this case
  • Will this case deter others from hoaxing attacks?
  • With his background in border security, his thoughts about ISIS brides trying to come back to the US
  • Latest information about the border wall/border security situation
  • What he thought about the border bill that was signed
  • What he would tell someone who is against the border wall
  • The value of facts in border security; how opponents twist statistics
  • The false narratives created about border security
  • Listening to Angel families, border patrol agents, families border agents who’ve died, American families affected by drug overdoses
  • How the Wall works
  • His advice for young people in pursuing the path of law enforcement; what they will gain

His CNN Interview:

Chicago Police Department press conference on Smollett case:

Mark on Tucker Carlson show:

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