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Democrats warn of ‘captured’ federal courts as Republicans push judicial confirmations

President Trump and the Senate leadership have been disciplined and focused on confirming excellent judges who apply the law rather than making it up. Great segment with Fox & Friends First early this morning.


FOX NEWS HOST: Alright, Senate Democrats sounding the alarm on president Trump’s ongoing judicial confirmations, accusing the GOP of capturing federal courts.

SEN> SCHUMER: The judges are against the interest of the American people. These are not judges. The American people would choose they’re against the interests of working people. They want to repeal Roe V. Wade with the idea that the courts are now down the middle is fading away. They’ve been politicized.

FOX NEWS HOST: But doesn’t the president have a right to fill vacancies with Senate approved judges here to weigh in and spokeswoman for the judicial crisis network. Gayle Trotter. Good to see you this morning. Thanks for joining us.

GAYLE TROTTER: Good to see you, Jillian.

FOX NEWS HOST: You know, you just listened to that clip. Do you think the criticism is warranted?

TROTTER: No, “elections have consequences” in the famous words of the most recent Democrat to occupy the White House and President Trump and the leadership of the Senate have been disciplined and focused to fill courts with excellent judges who apply the law rather than make it up. And Senator Schumer and his pals in the Senate have been distracted by these political mirages one after the other. And now they’re just waking up to the reality of where they are.

FOX NEWS HOST: Well, let’s take a look at this quote, expressing concern for the judges being nominated by president Trump. It says, quote, “it is time for America to reckon with the reality that our courts are being captured. It is time for Americans to understand the extent of the apparatus pursuing this capture nothing less than our democracy at state.” And that is from the democratic policy and communications committee. Gayle, when I do diner segments traveling across the country, which I used to do before the pandemic started, one of the number one issues that people raised to me is how much they love the judiciary that President Trump has put forward in the federal circuit. And I guess my question for you is when the term is up, what will the judiciary look like through these last four years?

TROTTER: That’s an excellent point. You remember that court vacancies was a critical issue in the 2016 presidential campaign. Candidate Donald Trump released his list of potential court nominees, and they have been able through working with the Senate leadership to confirm almost 200 judges to the federal bench. 51 of those are for the courts of appeals. And these are fair, independent, excellent legal minds who apply the law, who are faithful to the Constitution. So President Trump has done an excellent job in coordination with the Senate leadership to make sure that he has fulfilled this promise. And if Senator Schumer and his pals want to complain, they should start pestering Joe Biden to release a list, like candidate Trump did, of Joe Biden’s potential nominees to the Supreme court.

FOX NEWS HOST: Interesting point. You know, rumors continue to circulate at this point that justice Clarence Thomas could retire before election day. What is the timing of all of this at this point? Just rumors, but what does the timing mean to you?

TROTTER: Well, that’s just irresponsible speculation. Given the public comments of Justice Thomas, he is really enjoying his job. We’ve seen this in the oral arguments that have been handled telephonically and anyone who’s interested in the life of Justice Thomas should be sure to watch a documentary streaming free on PBS right now called “Created Equal”. It is such an inspiring, amazing story of a true American hero. And it shows you why his commitment to the court and his faithfulness to the Constitution is a bedrock of his life. And I found it very inspiring to watch, and we hope that all the justices have long and healthy lives and any speculation at this point, it’s truly just wishful thinking of the left.

FOX NEWS HOST: Gayle Trotter. Thank you for joining us.

TROTTER: Have a good day to be with you, Julian and Todd.

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