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THE CHOICE: Hope & Jobs versus Dopes & Mobs

The Republican National Convention exceeded all expectations and was a resounding success. It clearly showed how President Trump and the Republicans want to build things up in stark contrast to the Democrat’s and their radical Marxist agenda wanting to tear things down. That was shown last night with powerful, moving speeches and testimonies ending with President Trump’s acceptance speech at the White House, while outside the White House, mobs violently attacked those who attended, including Senator Rand Paul and former Democrat Brandon Straka.




Rand Paul calls for FBI arrests, investigation into ‘mob’ he believes ‘would have killed us,’ if not for police



Why This Ex-Never Trumper Wants Four More Years
How I came to embrace a president I once feared and detested.
….. Thursday night the president stood in stark contrast to his opponent Joe Biden, who ran a convention based on fear of the virus, who embraces a new normal in which petty dictators like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio control my life, a desperate old man who said he would lock me down again. No. President Trump did what he does best; he spoke to a crowd. There was joy and optimism and patriotism. Instead of fear there was pride. For me, he was no longer the lesser of two evils but a man I dearly hope will remain our president……..

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WATCH: Republican National Convention – Night 4: Land of Greatness

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