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Jessie Jane Duff: McCain, Border Emergency Vote, Women in Combat

My guest today on RIGHT IN DC is Jessie Jane Duff. Jessie served 20 years active duty in the US Marine Corps and retired as a Gunnery Sergeant. In 2014, she became a Senior Fellow with the London Center for Policy Research. Jessie provides military, veteran, national security, business and economic analysis for major television and radio news networks and is a contributor to various blogs, articles, and opinion pieces.

In this episode, we discuss three hot current topics—and she doesn’t hold back:

• President Trump’s comments about Sen. John McCain and her thoughts about McCain and his involvement in the fake dossier and Obamacare

• Her thoughts about the 12 Republicans who voted against the border wall national emergency and the so-called setting a precedent excuse

• The recent court ruling that women should be eligible for the draft and her thoughts about women in direct ground combat and why this issue isn’t about equality



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