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Flynn Persecution • Great Jobs Report • Insane MSM Article • Why Trump will WIN

I want to share with you various items that came up this week. The first is an update of the ongoing persecution of General Flynn, the second is an excellent jobs creation report than beat expectations, the third is a totally insane article in The Atlantic that is trying to drive a wedge in Trump’s MAGA base and is evidence the lamestream media is desperately trying to influence the election in favor of Biden, and the fourth are all my reasons why I know President Trump will win in the vitally important November election.




On Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus

In re: Hillary Clinton, No. 20-5056 (D.C. Cir. 2020)

I’m NOT going to link to the despicable article in The Atlantic because it doesn’t need anymore views to help its ratings.


  • FMR. PRESS SECRETARY SARAH SANDERS: “I was actually there and one of the people part of the discussion — this never happened.”
  • ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT DAN SCAVINO: “I was with POTUS in France, with Sarah, and have been at his side throughout it all. Complete lies by ‘anonymous sources’…”
  • SENIOR ADVISOR TO THE PRESIDENT STEPHEN MILLER: “The President deeply wanted to attend the memorial event in question and was deeply displeased by the bad weather call. The next day, he spoke at Suresnes American Cemetery in the pouring rain and refused an umbrella.”
  • FMR. DEPUTY ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT JORDAN KAREM: “This is not even close to being factually accurate. Plain and simple, it just never happened.”
  • LT. GENERAL KEITH KELLOGG: “The Atlantic story is completely false. Absolutely lacks merit. I’ve been by the President’s side. He has always shown the highest respect to our active duty troops and veterans with utmost respect paid to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those wounded in battle.”
  • DEPUTY PRESS SECRETARY JUDD DEERE: “Not a soul brave enough to put their name on any of these accusations. That’s because they are false.”

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