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The Blatant Bias of Journalists Toward the Left and Democrats

Why are journalists such Leftists and why are they SO blatantly and relentlessly biased in favor of the Left and Democrats? They make no effort to compensate for their bias. They preach at a public that does not share their bias. They reach conclusions based on their bias. They seldom admit their bias. They are in an echo challenge and they don’t challenge each other’s bias. Because the media influence so many people, this point about their bias in favor of the Left cannot be said enough times until the public wakes up to the fact the news they hear every day is not neutral but has a definite agenda which is not good for America.



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Gayle Trotter is a ‘liberty-loving and tyranny-hating’ conservative attorney, political analyst and author with an insider’s view of Washington, DC. She is the host of RIGHT IN DC: The Gayle Trotter Show and is a frequent commentator on TV news such as NewsMax, OAN, EWTN, Daily Caller and Fox. She contributes to The Hill, The Daily Caller, Townhall and other well-known political websites, and is a frequent guest on radio shows across the country. Read More