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Was COVID-19 Man-Made?

Newly-released emails show yet again that the mainstream media continue to run cover for the Democrat party.

The same outlets that promoted the Russia Collusion Hoax are now trying to hide the smoking gun on what Dr. Fauci knew and when he knew it.

Emails reveal Dr. Fauci responded to has-been 80’s celebrity Morgan Fairchild faster than he responded to a congressman seeking information about testing kits for her state!

Emails reveal Dr. Fauci told former Obama HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell that a mask likely would not protect her from the virus.

When will Dr. Fauci be held accountable for the national disaster which was our response to the Wuhan virus?



What Did Trump Tell Fauci About Wuhan?

No Thank You, Dr. Fauci

White House Press Corps Doesn’t Ask Psaki Any Questions About Facui’s Emails

Corrupt Media Ignore Smoking Gun Emails in Order to Protect Fauci


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