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Hans von Spakovsky: Supreme Court Cases in Politics

My guest today on RIGHT IN DC is Hans von Spakovsky. He’s a good friend, a fellow lawyer and a fellow UVA parent. We’re going to talk today about one of my favorite topics: Supreme Court cases in politics.

To give you a little background on Hans and why he’s an expert able to discuss this in great detail, and also in a way that makes it easy for people to understand: Hans is a Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a former FEC commissioner, and a former Department of Justice lawyer.

We started off by discussing his recent article, “Courts Should Stay Out of the “Political Thicket” of Gerrymandering.” We talked about:

  • What gerrymandering is
  • Recent cases where Republicans and Democrat are suing regarding redistricting
  • Figuring out the correct proportion of redistricting
  • Why it’s a bad idea to have the Supreme Court rule on redistricting
  • History of partisan redistricting and court cases
  • Why voting can go different ways in a district each time there is an election
  • What his predictions are for these cases
  • Why the courts will be flooded if the court allows partisan redistricting
  • How the current political environment will play into these cases
  • What other cases he is watching
  • The slow process of confirming nominees



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