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The Future Of The GOP Without Paul Ryan

Many were disappointed that House Speaker Paul Ryan was unable to deliver what they elected President Trump to do.

Look at his failure on Obamacare. He was part of the Republicans in Congress saying give us the House, we’ll repeal Obamacare. Give us the Senate, we’ll repeal Obamacare. Give us the White House, we’ll repeal Obamacare.

Big failure, biggest failure of Paul Ryan.

Look at fiscal responsibility. He’s known for advocating fiscal responsibility. And looking at the omnibus bill that he put on President Trump’s desk a month ago, it swelled the deficit, the debt. And it funded things that Republicans and many Americans find offensive like Planned Parenthood.

It’s a leadership failure, not a personal failure.

I’m sure he does want to spend more time with his family, but that’s a Washingtonian trope that when someone steps down from a position of power or influence that they want to spend time with their family.

I joined NPR’s All Things Considered host Michel Martin along with conservative analyst Charlie Sykes to discuss what the future of the Republican party looks like without the House speaker.

The Future Of The GOP Without Paul Ryan full transcript