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Senators Dilemma re Kavanaugh Confirmation

The Democrats are really struggling with their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh being nominated to be on the Supreme Court. Sen. Chuck Schumer, at no cost to himself, shows his bullying other members of Congress up for reelection is not a principled stand against Judge Kavanaugh, but rather just an effort to derail or oppose anyone that President Trump would have nominated.

For the Senators in these seats that are up for reelection that voted in support of President Trump in 2016, they have to decide to go with either what their constituents want or if they want to go with the far left wing of the Democratic party.

The polling that’s been done in these states, including Indiana, show that a strong majority want their Senator to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. The opposition is very weak to Judge Kavanaugh in these states. It should be very clear to all these senators that it’s a no brainer to support Judge Kavanaugh in his confirmation and they should reject the pressure that’s being put on them by the National Democratic Party.

I joined the Pat Miller Program on WOWO NewTalk Radio in Indiana to discuss why senators should confirm Brett Kavanaugh.