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Why are laws only for the little people?

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Americans are justly upset when members of the political elite somehow skate by legal consequences despite egregious violations of law, including laws they previously advocated passage of or laws for which they are the chief enforcers.

One thinks of former Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner’s creative use of the TurboTax defense in his tax reporting errors of tens of thousands of dollars. We also think of Eric Holder, America’s chief law enforcement officer, and his use of his power to target and intimidate journalists.

But, if her recent disapproval poll numbers indicate anything useful, the high numbers show that Hillary Clinton and her homebrew email server may be the most distressing example yet of the principle that “laws are for the little people.”

Ed Morrissey recently contrasted our government’s treatment of Hillary Clinton’s willful mishandling of classified national security material with the vigorous prosecution of Navy submariner Kristian Saucier’s alleged mishandling of classified material involving photos he took inside a US attack submarine. A dumpster foreman’s surprising find and a shot up lap top on a grandfather’s farm led to the prosecution of Saucier.

Why is our Attorney General Loretta Lynch not brining obstruction of justice charges against Hillary Clinton for her possible wiping of her server? Saucier faces 30 years in prison if convicted. Will Hillary Clinton face any consequences? Should she?

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