Radio Shows Supreme Court

Confirmation of Kavanaugh

Will they or won’t they confirm Kavanaugh? No one should assume anything until the final vote tally is taken which is why it is important to contact your senators and let them know your opinion.

Things can get very confused and complicated in Washington, DC and while Judge Kavanaugh is definitely the most qualified person to take Anthony Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court, there is certainly an attack by people who don’t think he should be on the court. They are not going to give up on this. The media is not going to give up on this. Certainly those that believe that the Constitution should be a living Constitution instead of actually having meaning in the written text of the law, those people are not giving up on this either.

The fight is on.

I was on the Dale Jackson Show on News Talk WVNN in Alabama to discuss the confirmation and ads targeting Judge Kavanaugh.