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Commenting on SCOTUS Nominee

Is the reaction to President Trump’s Supreme Court pick of Judge Brett Kavanaugh strictly a party line deal and qualifications don’t matter? I hope not.

The same principles of who should be on the Supreme Court should apply to both Democratic nominees and Republican nominees. If there is any philosophical issue regarding the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, it should be a commitment and respect to the rule of law, to the Constitution, and to the idea that the Supreme Court should be part of the Judiciary branch and not part of the legislative branch.

I believe you will see Democrat senators, particularly those coming from states that went for President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, respecting the superior qualifications of Judge Kavanaugh.

He is a thought leader in legal circles and has been on the bench for 12 years. He’s written over 300 opinions, many of which the reasoning has been adopted by the Supreme Court–including some of his dissents.

You will see that there is bipartisan support for this nominee and that’s the way it should be because he is extremely qualified.

Judge Kavanaugh has superior academic credentials, he went to Yale University for college, he went to Yale Law School, and he was hired by Elena Kagan, before she was on the Supreme Court, when she was still in charge of Harvard Law School to teach there.

One of the liberal professors at Yale University who supports Hillary Clinton has publicly stated that Judge Kavanaugh, except for justices sitting on the Supreme Court right now, is the most credentialed person, the most qualified person to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

I was on WCLO New Talk Radio in Wisconsin to discuss the nomination.