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Trump Indictment: A Patently Political Prosecution

I was on the Andrew Wilkow Show on Salem Radio talking about the Trump indictment that everyone knows is a great big sham and has further politicized our justice system which has been weaponized by the Left.


Andrew Wilkow

Resurrecting a seven year old misdemeanor with no announcement of a second charge worthy of bumping this up to a felony is nonsense. My first guest is a conservative political analyst, lawyer, and commentator, also author of the book Right in the World, and also the host of the Right in DC podcast, Gayle Trotter. Welcome back to the program, long time no speak.

Gayle Trotter

Yeah, great to be with you. And such an important topic. I’m so glad we’re going to discuss this today.

Andrew Wilkow

Even us non lawyer people know one thing. Alvin Bragg would not go to this great length to get someone, if that someone’s name was anything other than Trump.

Gayle Trotter

That’s right and they seem to be releasing a lot of potential criminals in New York City. It’s angering a lot of people that instead of prosecuting the people that they should be prosecuting, they’re using the office that has been entrusted to them to go after their political opponent. People are paying attention to this because it is so damaging to our legal system.

I think it’s yet another example of the Democrats doing The Boy Who Cried Wolf, where they go after Trump. They want to do whatever they can to take Trump out, and they go out on these limbs that have no justification.

The American people can see what it is. It is patently a political prosecution, and it’s something that we have never seen in the history of this country before.

And there’s a reason for that.

Andrew Wilkow

It seems like a lot of the left-wing legal comments here, they don’t really care if this stinks of politics, right? We’re talking about a seven year old misdemeanor. We’re not talking about some massive document front.

I know that sometimes they say they can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, right? This is New York City. Wall Street is here. This office, the Manhattan DA is pretty seasoned at document crimes, but we’re talking about alleged payouts to two women who claim to have had an affair with somebody who’s a big iconic brand BEFORE he ran for president by resurrecting this seven year–what justice is being achieved here other than serving the politics of the left?

They know these are misdemeanor charges, two years of the statute of limitations. Unless Alvin Bragg announces that it’s in connection with another crime. There’s no legal justification to bump this up to a felony, unless, of course, it’s get him by any means necessary on something, anything, even if this is not even really a crime.

Gayle Trotter

Well, and you ask what justice is this in furtherance of? Actually, it’s an injustice, because, as you say, this happened over six years ago. The statute of limitations would have been two years if it was a misdemeanor. The former Manhattan DA Vance decided not to prosecute it. Merrick Garland’s Justice Department decided not to prosecute it.

Alvin Bragg ran on the platform of going after Trump. So you have the man, and he’s finding the crime, which is not a crime. He’s trying to elevate this into a felony, which would overcome the statute of limitations issue. And yet he refuses. He refuses to say what the underlying crime is. Now, he says under New York law, he’s not required to do that.

But under principles of fairness, equal play, constitutional fairness, he should give the defendant in this case, Donald Trump, the benefit of knowing the nature of the charge against him and the evidence against him.

The judge in this case should dismiss this on its face because the indictment is invalid. But instead, we see the judge playing along with this and delaying a hearing on the motions for eight months.

So, the problem is that anytime someone is indicted, it is hard for them. They have to turn their money, their time, their attention, their emotional investment into defending themselves against yet another false claim against this defendant.

So even the fact that he can fight this, that it’s a ridiculous, unjust indictment, the fact that they have done this is the real crime because it is damaging against our legal system and it further politicized our justice system, which is supposed to treat everyone fairly and not be weaponized by the Left.

Andrew Wilkow

I agree that no one is above the law, that includes President Trump. But Cy Vance said that the US attorney told him to stand down in this case. I had Matt Whitaker on my radio program. He’s like, this is nonsense. Who is this unnamed US attorney that told Cy Vance to stand down? And if he had evidence of a crime, why would he listen?

Gayle Trotter

That’s exactly right. And if that was the case, then why was he not doing his job if he really believed that there was a crime that should be indicted in this case?

You look at all the facts and circumstances of what they have charged Donald Trump with, and it’s like the court is giving Alvin Bragg eight months to figure out what the underlying felony is, because he didn’t say it when the press challenged him on it, surprisingly. He wouldn’t reveal what his theory of the case is.

You see even CNN and MSNBC legal commentators express disbelief about this indictment. When you have the entire Left just trying to marshal all of the effort that they can to attack President Trump when he is the foremost person who probably will get the Republican nomination, we don’t know what will happen, but he’s certainly leading right now.

It is just something that should chill every single American that a prosecutor’s office can be weaponized against their political opponents.

That’s why this hasn’t happened in the past, and that’s why it shouldn’t be happening now. There should be accountability for this.

Andrew Wilkow

I think that Republicans just have to play the same game. And we’ve held off on that for so long. But maybe Republican prosecutors and Republican state attorneys general need to start digging into the lives and records and interactions of Democrats. Maybe some people need to be charged with some crimes. I thought the Delaware state attorney general was investigating Hunter Biden. I don’t know where that went, but maybe it has to be that way.

Because one thing they do know is that discovery is in December, and the trial set to start in late January, just in time for the Iowa caucuses. Like you said, this would be a total distraction. Now, nobody’s above the law, but you had a time frame to prosecute this case when it was simply a misdemeanor. They chose not to. Now they want to, for obvious reasons.

I have to leave it there. Gayle, thank you so much for joining us.

Gayle Trotter

Always great to be with you. Andrew.