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SOTU: What to Expect

What to expect from President Trump’s State of the Union address?

The White House released that there are five things that the President is going to be talking about. Particular things that interest me are the national security aspect — the idea that we’ve gone back to the principle of peace through strength, respect and support for our military, and respect for our law enforcement. All of those people are on the front lines of keeping our communities and our families safe.

Another theme that is very exciting to me is the tax reform act that Trump was instrumental in getting passed through Congress and signing. We see the benefits of that over and over again every day: all these companies that are giving bonuses and increasing their investments in the United States.

I think the most interesting thing that the White House said about this speech is that President Trump will be speaking from the heart. I think this plays into what you (Grant Stinchfield, NRA-TV) were saying just now about: what is the media coverage of the SOTU going be? Is it going to be fair reporting? The reporters are supposed to report. Or is it going to be what we’ve seen over and over again which is inaccurate, unfair and partisan coverage?

I was on NRA-TV with Grant Stinchfield to discuss the upcoming State of the Union address. Click to watch the video