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Trump calls Mooch a ‘nutjob’

The only reason the mainstream media is highlighting Anthony Scaramucci and giving him a voice is because of his disloyalty. When you have an administration turncoat whose only claim to fame is the spectacular flameout he had in the job at the White House, it’s perfectly appropriate for the President to call him out on that. I was on Fox News Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz to discuss.


KURTZ: I have to jump in here, because I want to get to this other topic, and that is Anthony Scaramucci continuing — the former White House aide continuing his attacks on President Trump, leading to these tweets, which I will put up on the screen here.

Donald Trump says Anthony Scaramucci is a highly unstable nut-job. I barely knew him until his 11 days of gross incompetence, made a fool of himself, bad on TV, abused staff. He was a mental wreck. We didn’t want him around. Now, fake news puts him on like he was my buddy, and Scaramucci, one of many interviews punching back.

Scaramucci : He may not have had early stage dementia, but he has full blown early stage fascism. I mean, it’s like a hostage crisis inside of the building. They absolutely hate the guy’s guts. But they’re scared out of their minds. Look at what he did to me and my wife this week.

KURTZ: Gayle, Scaramucci has not only been pounding Trump everyday on television, but talking about denying him Republican nomination. But should the president be responding with such personal criticism of Mooch?

TROTTER: Yes, because the only reason the mainstream media is highlighting him and giving a voice is because of his disloyalty. And when you have an administrative term quote, who the only claim to fame that he has is the spectacular flameout he had in the job that he had in the White House. It’s perfectly appropriate for the president to call him out for that.

KURTZ: Jeanne, I had Scaramucci on this program last week, a lot of people didn’t like that. But I thought offered (Inaudible) and then we defended the president, let’s press him on his current views. But is he undermining credibility when he says things as he has this week, Trump is irrational. Trump is unstable, full-blown mental breakdown?

ZAINO: You know, Anthony Scaramucci, it’s interesting because one of the things we have to give President Trump credit for is he hasn’t changed. He has been the same as he was when Anthony Scaramucci worked for him and prior when he was in New York City. And I know a lot of what Scaramucci has said has to do with the president’s comments on race. The president was making those comments long before he ran for president.

So I think that’s the issue people have with what Scaramucci has said, is that this president hasn’t changed. He has been who he is. And so Anthony Scaramucci calling him out starts to seem sort of — you know, a way in which he can get something from the media, which is a lot of attention that he has gotten.


KURTZ: Right.

ZAINO: He can have his own view on the president, but it does seem self- serving.


TROTTER: And we agree on that.

KURTZ: We have agreement, a rare agreement. I did press him on that in our interview. And he said he admitted that he felt he had waited too long and then had to question, like, why are you saying this now when you defended the guy for so long. All right, great discussion, Jeanne Zaino, Gayle Trotter, thanks so much.