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Media Coverage of Trump’s Visit to Iraq was Political, not Trump

NBC tweets that President Trump had not gone to a war zone and that was about the same time as Air Force One was touching down in Iraq. As soon as that happened, they started nitpicking every part of the visit: the campaign paraphernalia being signed, the interactions that president trump had with a Navy SEAL team, and what Melania Trump was wearing at the visit to the soldiers in Iraq. But Melania was the first First Lady to visit Iraq; her predecessor never went to a war zone. We should see glowing reviews about that: the bravery of Melania going to a war zone even when she’s the mother of a small child.

The mainstream media criticized President Trump for being political by signing Make America Great Again hats that soldiers brought to him. If you want to look at what’s really political, in my view the media coverage of this visit is what was political, not the President. There was AP reporting in 2009 when President Obama went to Kuwait and signed campaign paraphernalia. When AP reported that, they didn’t criticize Obama for signing them.

I was on Fox News Media Buzz to discuss the media coverage of President Trump’s visit to Iraq as well as the government shutdown.