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Mueller report is going to land with a big thud

After two years of hysteria and hyperventilating, legal observers see that the Robert Mueller report is going to land with a big thud. There’s two directions that this can go in: it can either go back to the standards and legal norms that we have had up until this point about how these investigations should work —

The fact that our sources say that there are not going to be any indictments coming out of this, it shows that the predicate for the investigation, which was treasonous collusion by the Trump campaign with the Russians to rig the election, that there are no indictments. There have been no indictments issued on this. There have been no guilty pleas on Russian collusion. Now we know that it’s very unlikely, because of these DOJ sources, that there are going to be any forthcoming indictments.

Why even bother with the report? Because under the law, the attorney general has to report to Congress the high level conclusions of why Robert Mueller and his team decided not to prosecute anyone or go further. The grand jury testimony needs to be kept private– that should not under law be shared with Congress or with the public. We can go in the direction of going back to the legal norms where if someone is not prosecuted than the federal government cannot use this investigation to smear people.

I was on Fox News along with attorney Robert Bianchi to discuss the Mueller report.