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Give Trump a Chance

I joined NPR’s new show “1A” (which I assume is named in honor of the first amendment to our Constitution) to discuss why everyone should give Trump a chance. The number reason is that the American people decided to give him a chance–they elected him to the office. If you do not give Donald Trump a chance you are disrespecting all of his supporters who thought he had a great idea to move America forward, to put America first. The rewarded him by electing him to the highest office in the land. People talk about Donald Trump’s first 100 days, well in the first week he has already fulfilled many of his campaign promises. He has the potential of rectifying the neglect of the past eight years under the Obama administration that even Democrats like Bernie Sanders supporters were dissatisfied with.

This is a preview of the Intelligence Squared “Give Trump a Chance?” debate I will be participating in at George Washington University on Wednesday, February 1 from 6:00-7:30 pm, when I will join Clive Crook, columnist at Bloomberg View, to debate David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantic and Michael Waldman, NYU law professor. For more information, click here. Watch live stream or go in person (you’ll need tickets).

Here is how NPR’s 1A show producers describe the topic for discussion:

“Donald Trump has been president for a week. He has lost no time delivering on some of his campaign promises about trade and health care. He has also faced record crowds who have come out to protest. His opponents believe he stoked division and has given legitimacy to extremists. Others see Trump’s election victory as representing the true will of the American people, hungry for change and fed up with the status quo. In partnership with the organizers of Intelligence Squared – 1A asks – should we give President Trump a chance?”

To listen, click here. My segment starts at 08:20.