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Will Trump name flood of judges to fill federal vacancies?

The election results Tuesday night were a clear mandate for the Trump administration and the Senate to move full speed ahead on filling up these vacancies on the federal courts.

There have been many vacancies, there have been many nominees, people are the in pipeline to go for their hearings and there will be more nominees from the Trump administration. This is a vitally important part of the President’s job.

The Senate is there to evaluate and confirm these nominees this administration is putting forth. The public has shown that it appreciates the excellent nominees that President Trump administration is putting forward and appreciates the hard work of the Senate to confirm these nominees even in the face of stiff Democratic opposition.

The public did not appreciate the treatment of Judge Kavanagh. We could call that another clear message from the election results–there is this Kavanaugh effect.

If you look at the senators from states that went for President Trump two years ago, they either lost their elections or once all the votes are counted they’re probably going to lose their elections. You look at Heidi Heitkamp, Claire McCaskill, Joe Donnelly from Indiana and probably Bill Nelson and yet the one Senate Democrat who decided to put all of that aside and fairly judge Judge Kavanaugh and confirm him to become Justice Kavanaugh, he won his election. So you can definitely see this Kavanaugh effect from the election results.

How will these appointments impact issues such as lawsuits involving vote recounts, asylum changes and the migrant caravan?

The nominees being put forward right now are fair and independent so these are nominees who, if confirmed,are going to follow the law. They’re not going to put their personal political policy preferences into their decisions.

They are going to be exactly the kind of judges that Americans want, who can rise above the politics and leave the legislating to the people and the representatives of the people.

We’ve seen that with the quality of the nominees who have been put forward by the Trump Administration and we’re going to see the same quality of nominees going forward.

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