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Two Different Strategies by Lori Loughlin and Other Defendants in the College Admissions Scandal

I was on the Kennedy show on Fox Business to discuss the latest strategies by defendants in the college admissions scandal.


Kennedy: Lori Loughlin could be the first actress to appear on Fuller House AND Orange is the New Black. The actress and her fashion designer husband where among 16 parents indicted today on fraud and money laundering charges in the college admissions scandal. Joining me now is attorney Gayle Trotter. Break it down Gayle.

Gayle Trotter: Great to be with you. We’ll we’re seeing that Lori Loughlin has result of the prosecutors trying to tighten the vice on all the remaining defendants who have not accepted the plea bargains. We’ve seen two strategies by the defendants. Some of them are making public statements, they’re saying complete contrition, taking full responsibility and they are basically throwing themselves on the mercy of court. Lori Loughlin and the other ones have said they are fighting it or at least they’re dragging their feet making plea deals with the prosecutors.

Kennedy: Will Lori Loughlin and her husband see the inside of a prison cell?

Gayle Trotter: Well because the federal prosecutors have turned up heat on them, they’ve added this extra charge that could result in a lot more prison time. We know that prosecutors have a near 100% conviction rate because they won’t charge people and press forward with the case if they don’t think that there is insufficient evidence to go forward. So we’re going to see which of these two strategies is more likely to work for these defendants: the ones who pled out quickly and accepted the deal, those who waited longer and end up possibly facing double the amount of prison time,

Kennedy: You’re talking about decades if convicted of all this stuff. I could see someone like Lori Loughlin saying, people really like me, if I get before a jury and tell them my story, they’re going to acquit me. That is a big risk to take.

Gayle Trotter: I think they might be surprised to the reaction of a jury, particularly if those jury members have students who have worked really hard to get in to colleges on their own merit.

Kennedy: I see some of these kids, especially the student athletes who have sacrificed for years and years and studied and practiced. They’re involved in their sport year round and then to be sidelined by a bunch of dumb dumbs because their parents always buy their way out of problems. It is maddening and I think you’re right, you’re going to see people on jury saying hell no, not this time. This time you’re right on the money, thanks so much Gayle Trotter.

Gayle Trotter: Great to be with you Kennedy.