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Trump’s Tougher Tone on Virus

To this day, the establishment media have not admitted they were wrong and the President was right. You remember he banned travel from China but the establishment media called him xenophobic and bigoted. Now we know he was right to do that–it was a great step that he took. And yet we’re still not hearing from the establishment media that they were wrong and giving the President that acknowledgement of that right step. We’re continuing to see that in the press briefings going forward in these interactions between the White House press corps and President Trump. There is no acknowledgment that the press was wrong.

It really aggravates some of these liberal media commentators that President Trump has this major TV forum in the midst of this major national crisis. This is a planetary event and it is yet another example of President Trump disrupting the media narratives so CNN and MSNBC don’t want to cover the press conferences live, straight and without their commentary. They want to provide to their audiences, who don’t want to watch President Trump, continued hostile questions and hostile commentary to President Trump.

But the truth is President Trump is winning at these briefings. He is able to take the “gotcha” questions from the media and give a forceful response, showing that the media are asking biased questions, their pro-China questions, questions that are misleading, selectively quoting President Trump and editing out things that he said to give the wrong impression–and he doesn’t take it.

I was on Fox News Media Buzz with host Howard Kurtz to discuss the media’s relationship with Trump during this time of crisis.

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