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Trump’s enemies projecting; Presidential candidates–name your advisors (who have the real power)

I was on the Andrew Wilkow Show talking about Democrats projecting onto President Trump accusing him of what they are doing, and how the media aid in this by not telling the full story.

Also, as we now know more than ever, it’s not just the Presidents but mainly their unelected advisors who shape and make decisions about policy. Therefore, all presidential candidates should name who will be advising them if elected.

I talk about these things and more.


Andrew Wilkow Show:



Andrew Wilkow

All right. You’ve been hearing lately the new narrative that if Donald Trump gets reelected, he’s going to use the government to go after his political enemies.

Have you ever heard of someone named Letitia James? If you haven’t, you probably have. She’s the attorney general of the state of New York. Here’s Letitia James. As a candidate in 2018.

Letitia James

Well, you sue him for us. Oh, we’re going to be a real pain in the ass that will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president. I need to focus on Donald Trump. We need to follow his money. What is fueling my soul right now is Trump president. I look forward to going into the office of Attorney General every day, doing in and then going home.

Andrew Wilkow

Sounds like she’s going after her political enemies. My first guest is a conservative political analyst, attorney and author of the book “Right in the World”.

Gayle Trotter. Before we do the debate thing, how do you react to that? You’ve got Donald Trump that’s been found guilty of fraud here in New York. He may lose his business licenses, his properties.

The attorney general literally ran her campaign saying, vote for me, show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. While Democrats are saying Trump’s got an enemies list.

Gayle Trotter

That’s right. It’s Democrat projection yet again.

We see this with Jack Smith, too, who is Inspector Javet without a compass, without a moral compass.

All this reporting on what Donald Trump is saying about General Milley and other people that have gone after him, he’s just turning the tables on them like he always does.

No one reports exactly what he was saying about General Milley. It was about the withdrawal from Afghanistan. He got together with the families who lost their loved ones in the terrible pullout from Afghanistan.

The press doesn’t explain that. They don’t give the full context to his statements. Now, granted, that is extreme rhetoric. I think Donald Trump, having met with the families, is very impassioned about how terrible it was–our pullout from Afghanistan.

That’s the story the media should be covering. It is not the story that the media is covering. And it’s also not the story that the media is covering. All those clips you just showed of what this attorney general promised to do before she was elected.

As I said at the beginning, it is complete projection by Democrats that they’re accusing Donald Trump of not only what they said they were going to do, but what they’re doing.

This includes the Russia investigation, which showed that that was all a creation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and had nothing to do with Donald Trump but harmed him.

When the American people don’t speak out about it, then you’re really doing a disservice not only to the entire country, but also the people who voted for Donald Trump in the first place.

Andrew Wilkow

All right. So what are you looking for tonight? Trump’s not going to be there. I’m going to make the case in my argument. That’s the next segment that the top, top issues the border, Right? I mean, we can talk about inflation, gas prices, food prices. It’s not going to matter if we don’t have a country anymore. We know Donald Trump’s position on that. I would like to see him. But what are you looking for? Who do you think can break from the pack?

Gayle Trotter

Well, I think one of the questions that the moderator should be asking all of the candidates is who are they going to listen to? Because once you’re a president, you have to rely on your advisers. And if you get bad advice, then you get bad policy, bad personnel makes bad policy.

I don’t I don’t remember hearing that in the first debate who these supposed presidential candidates are going to rely on, who are their teams.

I’d like to see more of an investigation of that instead of just this fighting that we saw in the last debate, that seemed to me very childish. It seemed to help some of the candidates to increase their popularity and their support.

But a lot of Americans won’t even watch the debate because they don’t want to see Republicans yelling at each other.

So I’d rather see the moderators actually ask some questions about who they would rely on when they’re making decisions about the border, about foreign policy, about tax policy, about all these things, the economy, for example.

Let’s change the discussion and really focus on getting those answers out of these candidates instead of just having them go after each other.

Andrew Wilkow

So you want them to actually name potential cabinet members because that’s the risk of that. No, no, I’m with you. Do you remember Rick Perry when the question was what federal? And he just he he couldn’t say Department of Education or HUD. He just kind of. . . .  “well I’ll close something”.

Gayle Trotter

And that did him in, right? That was great.

I would like to say this over and over again to anybody who would listen, think of how successful Donald Trump was when he had a list of Supreme Court nominees that he said he was going to pull from.

Why wouldn’t we have a similar list about Cabinet members?

Who are the cabinet members that you are going to select to serve, to give you advice?

Because as you know, it’s not only the president, it’s his advisors. And these are the people who have the ear of the president and they make policy.

So why don’t we have a list of the people that each of the candidates thinks that they will use so that so that the people understand what the whole picture is going to be on policy instead of just relying on the establishment in Washington, D.C., to float the ideas of who should fill these absolutely critical cabinet positions.

Andrew Wilkow

What would you do if somebody that you consider would actually be on the stage? Do you think that would be awkward? Do you think that would be endearing if someone said, you know what, I disagree with my friend Vivek on certain things, but I would totally love to see him be secretary of commerce or something.

Gayle Trotter

I think that would appeal to a lot of Americans who see all the polarization and division in the country and particularly in the Republican Party, and maybe they would like them to stop firing at each other.

I’m old enough to remember Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Do not go after fellow Republicans”.

I think with the crisis that we have with this Biden presidency, with the border, with the economy, with the pain that Americans are feeling right now, the Republicans should come together with a positive message.

I love the idea that they might point each other out and say, oh, you know, this this person has experience in this. That would be very revealing to the American people as well, because can they really distinguish between what the policies of a Nikki Haley administration would be versus a Tim Scott administration?

A lot of it depends on who surrounds the president.

Andrew Wilkow

You know, Ron DeSantis was for a while there the number two guy, right, waiting for his moment to break out. He’s since kind of fallen back a little bit. And I think our friends at some of the other networks are promoting Nikki Haley, who do you think has the best chance to break from the pack tonight and move into the and move up?

Gayle Trotter

That is a great question. I think DeSantis being the top. He was at the top and he just keeps losing his position. He’s very, very popular among the conservative base. But I think the fighting with Trump has sort of dulled a little bit of that.

I think Tim Scott was very winsome in the last debate, and he’s not at the absolute bottom of the pack in the polls, but he is he I feel like he could make a lot of progress on it.

He has a lot to offer the Republican Party. And I think ultimately the fact that Trump is not participating in these debates just proves how strong he is. And he has already pivoted to the general election. He’s the front runner among the Republicans. . . . . .

Andrew Wilkow

I’m out of time, Gayle, I have to leave it there. Seems like some of them are running for VP.