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Trump sounds off on social media companies

Social media platforms should not discriminate against conservatives. It’s unwise for them to do so because then they’ll get into the business of deciding what’s acceptable political speech or what’s not. Instead of that, they should adopt a neutral stance that allows a robust political debate which helps our democracy and helps their platforms avoid government regulation. This is really a crisis point for social media companies to understand whether the government is going to try to regulate them.

These companies want to make an argument that they are just a platform where people can share their ideas but open themselves up to attack when they start suppressing or not allowing conservative voices to get the same looks and views. It shows they are advancing a certain political agenda that half of the country is not in favor of.

I was on Fox Business “Making Money with Charles Payne” along with CivicForumPAC Chairman Ford O’ Connell to discuss President Trump’s claim that social media companies are “totally discriminating” against conservatives.