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Trump silence bugs the pundits

The mainstream media is bugged that President Trump hasn’t tweeted about the Stormy Daniels story even though they had been giving him advice over and over about all his tweeting.

I think it is a fair point to note that he hasn’t tweeted about Stormy. That’s a legitimate observation and there’s certainly inferences that can or cannot be drawn from that but as Sarah Sanders said, he doesn’t respond to everything.

The Stormy Daniels story is based on clicks and eyeballs, and you see the media ratings when they cover her, they just go up. But the mainstream media has always made the point over and over again that many things Trump tweets about is not an “elevated conversation” and “how can he tweet” about these things? And yet now they are just dying for that reason.

I joined Howard Kurtz on Fox News Media Buzz to discuss the media’s double standard. Watch: