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The Electoral College Drama

Trump has done the impossible and managed to get the Left to go back and read the original text of the Constitution. I was on the Daily Ledger show with Graham Ledger to discuss.


Graham Ledger

All right.  So it’s over.  So now what for the Liberal Left?  Well, for the next four years, prepare for the familiar refrain.  Trump does not have a mandate because he did not win the popular vote.  That’s what Schumer and Pelosi and Ellison and Sanders and Clinton, all the rest of them, will be saying now through 2020.  After all, that’s all the greatly defeated Democrat party has got.  Joining me now from our bureau in Washington, D.C., president of the American Womens Alliance, Gayle Trotter.

Gayle, really, this all was a formality, of course.  It’s part of the United States Constitution having the electors meet and then officially cast their votes, but it was all a phony drama created by the Liberal Left to try and delegitimize Trump’s Presidency.

Gayle Trotter

That’s right.  But Donald Trump deserves credit because before he’s even taken office, he managed to get the Left to go back and read the original text of the Constitution.  Just like you showed, this whole Electoral College drama is just yet another political stunt in a series of stunts that are futile and meaningless. They are trying to delegitimize the results of the presidential election and fundraise — raise money for organizations like, and there is no abatement of opposing this president going forward.  This is just another effort that we will continue to see as President Trump takes the oath of office, and ascends to the position of presidency.  They are not going to give up on this.


Just for the record, what happens next is these certificates of ascertainment from each state and the District of Columbia, go to the archivist, in Washington D.C., and then on January 6th – that’s by December 28th – and then on January 6th, the Congress makes it official and Donald Trump will be the 45th president.  Of course, he’ll be sworn in on January 20th.  But, the Left, well, they went down fighting, producing video after video out of Hollywood, begging these electors to defect.  Roll tape.

Richard Schiff

This is our last bastion, the last wall that protects our democracy that Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers put into the Constitution for a very specific reason and this was it.

Debra Messing

Donald Trump is not accepting the Intel briefs that he is supposed to be having every day.

Steven Pasquale

Our entire intelligence apparatus has overwhelming evidence that Russia not only involved their self in our election, but on behalf of Donald Trump.  That is information that we can’t pretend doesn’t exist.

Debra Messing

This isn’t a partisan issue.

Martin Sheen

You’ve got a hell of a lot to fight for now.  Stand up for your country.  Stand up for each other.


It’s pathetic and it’s laughable, especially now that we know the official results.  But here is my point with this.  They’re talking about the so-called Russian hacking and this is very, very dangerous stuff, because this goes to the integrity of our entire electoral system.  Our entire electoral process and this recklessness from the White House insinuating that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin somehow colluded?  That is not acceptable in our society.


That is not acceptable, and it’s ironic to hear people on the Left suddenly worried about the Russians.  We remember in the 2012 presidential debate that Obama called out Romney and said, “You know the 80s want your foreign policy back,” referring to Russia and the concerns that presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised about the Russians.  So when we see all that and then we have Josh Ernest who is the spokesman for the White House coming out and making the allegation that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded, possibly, with the Russians.  That just really crosses a line and President Obama should have swiftly condemned and retracted that statement because that is of the highest challenge to the integrity of our electoral system possible.


Hey, there is no doubt that Russia is trying to hack into various entities in this country, be they public or private.  But there is no doubt in my mind, they did not influence, in any way, shape, or form, the results of the 2016 presidential election.  However that said, I do believe we are in a cyber war and I don’t think we’re necessarily, as a government, prepared for this cyber war, but we need to prepare for it.  By the way, I think Vladimir Putin, for the record, was rooting for Hillary Clinton, because don’t forget it was Hillary Clinton who delivered one-third of our domestic, U.S. uranium to now Russian control.  They’re buddies.


Right.  She would have been a weak leader.  Look at the ravages across the world, where Russia has been able to step into the Middle East and assert itself in regions that previously it couldn’t.  Look at what happened to Crimea and the Ukraine.  Hillary Clinton would have merely continued the foreign policy of the Obama administration and certainly that would have emboldened Putin even more.  So I agree with you.  It would be much more likely that Putin would favor Hillary Clinton being elected and destabilizing our country and allowing Russia to insert itself back into a superpower status that definitely Vladimir Putin, who is former Soviet official extraordinaire, KGB person, he would like to assert Russia back into that type of position.  Certainly Donald Trump putting America first was going to stand up to that and that would not be in Russia or Putin’s interest.


All right.  The Trump cabinet, I’ve been somewhat suspect of the economic component, being a lot of connections to Wall Street.  In fact, I’m calling it the Wall Street South, it will be, and Goldman Sachs, et cetera.  But this latest appointment of White House budget director of Mick Mulvaney, I think is a very, very strong choice.  This guy is a straight-A member of the Liberty Caucus right now in the United States House of Representative.  Straight-A, 94 percent Conservative Review Liberty Score.  I think fiscally, he’s a very conservative guy.


He is fiscally conservative.  He puts his money where his mouth is.  He is really a great pick to try and help tame the $20 trillion debt that our nation has facing it.  Like you’re saying, his conservative bona fides are without question.  I mean he was part of the group that supposedly helped to bring down Speaker John Boehner who wanted to go along with Obama’s agenda and not raise any stink about it.  So Mulvaney seems to be a great pick in the direction of putting Trump’s policies on trying to rein in the federal government forward.


Of course, the mainstream media is scoring Trump’s cabinet picks by skin color, by ethnicity, when Donald Trump appears to be, whether you agree with his choices or not, appears to be doing it on this thing called merit.  Isn’t that a wonderful thing?  Gayle, thanks.