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Should Americans be concerned about Florida’s vote counting controversy?

Why weren’t Florida counties better prepared for a very close election or series of elections that Florida always has?

This is giving us flashbacks of the presidential election in 2000. It’s not like they haven’t had plenty of advance notice that this election was coming up. There very strong laws in Florida dealing with the procedures for making sure that every single Floridians’ vote counts and to make sure that it’s a fair and transparent process so that all of the candidates can know that they are being treated with respect from the process and the voters know that an election is not going to be stolen.

We’re at the point here where a lot of these early votes were supposed to be tabulated and submitted the day before election day actually happened. Then within 30 minutes of the polls closing, those vote counts were supposed to be submitted. Then every 45 minutes, they are supposed to be giving both side the information about the total number of votes. So the problem is when you torture the numbers to try and get the results that you want and you keep counting until you get the results you want.

Brenda Snipes has been questioned in the past and has been reprimanded for voting irregularities by state courts. It’s interesting when you’re talking about the two campaigns going after each other and there’s no allegation of voter fraud. Well actually a state court did find on Friday that Brenda Snipes has not done what she was supposed to do under state public records law and also under the Florida Constitution. So there has been court rulings within the last couple of days showing that there are irregularities. Maybe that’s not fraud but it shows they are not going by the process.

If somehow the vote tally flips to the point where either Nelson or Gillum are awarded the race, what do you do then?

This calls into question the Integrity of the entire election process and that’s a real problem. Not just people in Florida should be concerned about this–all American should be concerned about this. I think that’s why there’s so much attention drawn to this very vocal race.

Are our systems either so outdated or so vulnerable that it is easy to manipulate and create a fraudulent system?

You need to have people who are trustworthy. Brenda Snipes has already had many problems in the contest between Republicans and Democrats. If you had created that many problems, would you still have that job? No!

I joined Lisa Kennedy Montgomery on her show, “Kennedy” on the Fox Business Network to discuss.