Supreme Court Video

Ruling on President’s Travel Ban

This is a decisive rebuke by the Supreme Court of these renegade liberal justices who feel like they should have the same type of power that the executive branch has to determine our national security and to protect us.

It is a very good day for the country’s national security and it’s a good day for our Supreme Court jurisprudence because the District Court granted this injunction against the travel ban, and the Supreme Court said that they are not going to enforce the injunction.

Essentially under the legal ramifications of this is essentially saying that the people who want to stop the travel ban could not prove that they would be likely to succeed on the merits once the full case is heard. So it’s a very good day for national security in the United States.

I joined Grant Stinchfield on his show on NRA TV to discuss the ruling by the U.S Supreme Court on the President’s travel ban.

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