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Read it and weep, Liberals: Trump will win in 2020

Let’s cut through the polls, punditry and prognostications. I’m saying this here and now: Donald Trump will win reelection.

He will win because he has delivered on his promises to the American people. In contrast, the Democrats deploy societal chaos to unleash collectivism on the nation.

Rewind four years. On election night 2016, corporate media gave Hillary Clinton a 97% chance of winning. But I predicted that Mr. Trump would defeat Ms. Clinton.

Today, Mr. Trump’s candidacy is even stronger. That’s why he will win.

Our politicians promise somehow to clean up Washington, D.C., only to become part of the swamp. Mr. Trump ran as an outsider, a man who came to politics late in life as a businessman who succeeded at the art of the deal. He campaigned to gain the trust of America’s forgotten man and woman. He promised to drain the swamp.

His predecessor undermined our constitution, our economy, and our key foreign alliances. Mr. Trump promised a return to the rule of law. He promised an America First foreign policy. And he promised judges who would uphold, rather than deconstruct, our Constitution.

Mr. Trump had many enthusiastic voters. But he also had supporters who viewed 2016 as the Flight 93 election. “Charge the cockpit or you die,” as Michael Anton said. “A Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.”

Ms. Clinton’s dire warnings about women’s status were wrong in every way. Women’s economic standing has surged in the last four years. The gains exceed any since economists began tracking the data.

Mr. Trump has elevated women to senior positions in his administration. Yet corporate media have demeaned and disparaged them. Kellyanne Conway, Betsy DeVos, Kayleigh McEnany, and first lady Melania Trump? Each brings poise and grace to their work, but the media mob treats each with an unsparing harshness.

Mr. Trump’s earliest supporters remain enthusiastic. And his later, reluctant supporters are now enthusiastic. Many of them will not share these thoughts, even anonymously, with pollsters. The climate of intimidation from the lunatic left ensures that result.

Mr. Trump’s earliest supporters remain enthusiastic. And his later, reluctant supporters are now enthusiastic.

The president’s supporters, whether acknowledged or suspected, face attacks from the unhinged opposition. The result is garbage polling.

Time and again Mr. Trump’s detractors have been false prophets of doom. He relocated our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem over hysterical warnings of calamity. He brokered the first new peace deal in a generation between Israel and the UAE. He withdrew from his predecessor’s appalling nuclear deal with Iran. These steps only increased Israel’s security.

Mr. Trump avoided embroiling American soldiers in a Syrian civil war. He ordered a decisive lethal strike against Iran’s top terrorist. He insisted that our NATO allies pay their full commitments to their own security. He did all this over the objections of finger-waving bureaucrats and military brass.

Across the federal bureaucracy, Mr. Trump has slashed regulatory red tape. Those initiatives returned to the people their freedom from unelected bureaucrats. They also supercharge innovation and economic development.

Mr. Trump appointed conservative black leaders to key positions in his administration. He embraced young black conservative leaders. He has made the most concerted efforts to bring blacks into the GOP of any recent president. Blacks have enjoyed unprecedented economic progress. Their record-setting progress exceeds any time since economists started recording the data.

On religious liberty, Mr. Trump has fulfilled all his promises and then some. His predecessor tried to force nuns to fund birth control and abortion-inducing drugs. Mr. Trump reversed that policy. He supported the Little Sisters of the Poor and won for them at the Supreme Court.

He honored his promise to nominate judges who will apply the law rather than make it up. In response, leftists targeted Judge Brett Kavanaugh in a sleazy attempted character assassination. Mr. Trump stood firm until Judge Kavanaugh became Justice Kavanaugh. Time and against all odds, Mr. Trump fights and wins.

His administration has introduced significant tax relief, spurring economic growth. American industry now has more incentive to build businesses in the United States. Many of our companies have repatriated back home.

Mr. Trump has released his second term agenda. His track record shows how he will deliver. He has fought off the Deep State, ObamaGate, impeachment, and the mainstream media.

Mr. Trump has lost not a single enthusiastic supporter from 2016. His vocal opponents today did not vote for him four years ago. Since then, he has turned detractors into supporters. And he has turned once-reluctant supporters into enthusiastic supporters.

In the summer of 2020, leftists embraced anarchy and mayhem. Now, more voters than ever are eager to cast ballots for Mr. Trump’s reelection.


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