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President Trump transforming and overhauling the federal judiciary

President Trump has delivered on his promise and he continues to delivery on his promise of delivering high-quality judges to the federal bench. These are judges who apply the law rather than make up new laws as they go along. Time and again, President Trump has appoints right-minded judges, even in the face of the Left who continue to chase an impeachment fantasy that they have had since President Trump’s first day in office.

As an example of the seismic change that we’re seeing, once Lawrence VanDyke and Patrick Bumatay are confirmed by the Senate to the 9th Circuit, we’re going to see more than one-third of the active judges on the 9th Circuit being President Trump’s appointees. He has had so much success nominating and having confirmed these judges that he has outpaced the last three administrations in terms of judges nominated and confirmed by this point in his presidency.

It should be President Trump’s greatest legacy to have judges who aren’t trying to put their personal policy preferences into the law but instead are applying the law and respecting that the judiciary has a special role in our government. They are not supposed to be a super legislature trying to pass law–instead they are applying the law.

These are high-quality judges that President Trump has nominated, and it helps all Americans. We’re seeing this as an effect in many of the circuit courts: President Trump has already flipped the 3rd Circuit, soon the 2nd Circuit, and the 11th Circuit should be flipped as well.

I was on Fox News to discuss President Trump placing 160 judges since his inauguration. Watch: