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I joined Stacy Washington on her radio show, Stacy on the Right, on Urban Family Talk Radio to discuss the new Acting Attorney General, the Mueller investigation, Democrats who want to politicize the Department of Justice, why judges shouldn’t be politicized, the judge who rule for CNN Jim Acosta’s case about being banned from the White House and more.

STACY WASHINGTON: AG Whitaker is the acting attorney general and according to people on the left side of the political realm not only is he a horrible person and probably out to do some really terrible misdeeds in that position, but he can’t be there because it’s unconstitutional. How much of that is true?

GAYLE TROTTER: For some reason the people on the left had no problem when Attorney General Eric Holder was declared to be in contempt of Congress. You didn’t see the outrage and the outcry about that, which has to do with making sure that Congress was informed so that they could do their oversight duties over the Attorney General and the programs with the Department of Justice. So I think you can fairly say that this is an attempt, particularly by the left, to try and politicize the leadership of the Department of Justice and it’s a continuation of this attempt to try to say that the Trump campaign colluded in Russia, with Russia, to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. Yet there has been no evidence of that if you look at all of the people that have been investigated and those who have come before the court to plead guilty–none of it implicated the Trump campaign itself. So this is yet another attempt to try and put pressure on the Trump administration by calling into question the competency and integrity of the officials at the Department of Justice.

STACY: I spent some time debating this with a couple of Democrats on cable news and it became clear to me from the comments they and the host were making was that the problem with AG Whitaker and the problem with then-Attorney General Sessions was not so much that there were anything really untoward about them but it was the issue that their oversight might impede Mueller from running amok with the investigation, which i believe he’s under a lot of pressure to do that from Democrats behind scenes.

GAYLE TROTTER: Yes, absolutely. And think about the vast resources of the federal government that has been afforded to Robert Mueller and the extensive, how many months we’ve gone on with this investigation. And the idea that President Trump could have fired Jeff Sessions a long time ago, there are many things that he could have done with clear executive power to try and reign this investigation in. But he has tried, to the best he can, except with regard to his bully pulpit, he definitely used his ability on Twitter and in speeches he’s given to caste doubt on what he sees as a witch hunt. But in terms of the actual process of the investigation he has relied on his attorneys to make sure that those process issues are resolved and looked at it carefully and he’s let the investigation go on. So any Democrats out there trying to say that this is an attempt to thwart the investigation couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Stacy Washington is a Christian, wife, mom, radio host and political commentator.  Stacy is also a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Stacy is an Emmy Nominated TV personality and Air Force Veteran and has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, The Blaze, PBS, RT TV, Al Jazeera, HuffPost Live, and a host of network tv stations.