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Mueller Report

Democrats have given up on collusion because there was nothing there and the Mueller Report landed with a resounding thud this morning. Listening to Attorney General Barr’s press conference, he laid it out very clear repeatedly that there was no evidence of collusion not only by anyone on President Trump’s campaign but certainly not the President himself and no other American.

So rapidly the media and the Democrats shift their attack and focus on the second part of the Mueller Report which was on the obstruction issue. Mueller really fell down on the job on this part because a prosecutor’s job is to decide, after looking at all the evidence, whether or not there’s enough evidence to charge the accused and to go forward with a criminal prosecution.

Mueller instead of really just laying it out there what he found, he muddied the waters in a way that many insiders in Washington DC see it as providing a road map to the Democrats for an impeachment process. The heads of many of these House committees are trying to shoehorn onto this Mueller report many subpoenas and starting sort of a do-it-yourself investigation to accomplish what they told the American people that the Muller investigation would accomplish but did not.

I was on Breitbart News Tonight to discuss the Mueller Report.