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Media lack zeal in Clinton email scandal

Where is the zeal by the media for the Hillary Clinton email scandal? I was on Fox News Media Buzz to discuss.



Fox Panelist: Media Slams Trump on Vets Donations But Lacks Same ‘Zeal’ for Any Hillary Story (Mediaite)

On Fox’s MediaBuzz today, conservative commentator Gayle Trotter said that there’s absolutely nothing to question about Donald Trump‘s donations to vets––a subject which she believes exposes pretty clear media bias.

“We haven’t seen the same type of zeal of the media,” she said, “going after Hillary Clinton, or covering the fact that she had this email server, this home brew email server that she said was protected.”

Howard Kurtz and USA Today‘s Heidi Przybyla pointed out that Clinton’s emails have received plenty of coverage. Trotter insisted it’s “not to the same zeal” and lamented how Trump is being “punished” for his donations to veterans.

Przybyla pointed out that the media couldn’t get answers about Trump’s donations, and that’s why it turned into such a big story. And yes, for a while there was uncertainty about unaccounted-for money, and it came out last week that a bunch of checks Trump sent out to vets’ groups were only sent out on the day the Washington Post called him out for not doing it yet.

But Trotter said this is just “gotcha reporting” and part of “the hypocrisy of the press not going after Hillary Clinton for real national security life and death issues just really underscores.”