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Media Ignoring Trump’s Accomplishments

When you you look at Google search results to see that all of the organizations that they rely on, articles from Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and others don’t come up in the search results. Think of all of the either moderate or right leaning organizations– their important work is not coming up on Google search results.

The Media Research Center based in Virginia looks at the media coverage of this administration, and it shows that the vast majority of coverage of this administration by the mainstream media is negative. I think that will really continue to backfire on the elites who are in the media bubble because whereas an 8 year old might not understand that everything coming in liberal types of organizations is biased against the President and against this America First agenda, unfortunately, a lot of adults have the same problem. This is something the White House has relentlessly pushed back on and Sarah Huckabee Sanders has done a great job of calling out the president’s accomplishments, and whether you support this president or not, all Americans should be rejoicing that things are improving in the economy, towards world peace and the ability to have equal opportunity for all Americans.

I was on Grant Stinchfield’s show on NRA TV to discuss the extreme bias we are seeing with the mainstream media on their coverage of President Trump’s accomplishments as well as the bias within Google’s search results when trying to research the President.

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