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Media barely scrutinize ‘the squad’ over harsh anti-Israel rhetoric

While the media have slammed Marjorie Taylor Greene, there’s been virtually no criticism of the most liberal lawmakers using what some critics call anti-Semitic language against Israel. Why are members of The Squad not drawing much media scrutiny in stark contrast to Marjorie Taylor Greene, for ripping Israel as a terrorist state, an apartheid state? Whether people agree with them or not, you’d think that would draw some serious coverage.

GAYLE TROTTER: They’re the media darlings. They have this protection that the media run cover for the Democrat Party. And it’s a study in contrast to see how CNN, for example, selectively denounces rhetoric.

And the mainstream media seems like they want to go after anti-Semitism, perhaps, except they’re not willing to denounce anti-Semitism from the left. And we see this over and over again with the vile, reprehensible, anti-Semitic remarks of The Squad, and yet the left and the media and the Democrat Party don’t want to be tied to these comments by The Squad.

Instead, they want to bury them and not hold any Democrat politicians accountable for what members of their party are saying and it’s typical. It’s not something that’s unusual from the mainstream media but here is yet again more evidence for the mainstream media running cover for the Democrat Party.

KURTZ: All right, Gayle. When Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about the Holocaust or, you know, lasers controlled by a Jewish family, reporters run to Republicans and Republican leaders and said, what’s your reaction, do you condone that? I don’t see the press asking Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi to respond to some of The Squad’s harsh rhetoric toward Israel.

TROTTER: No. And this is yet another example of professional malpractice by the media. They’re not fair and balanced. They don’t make sure they hold both sides accountable to the same values or standards. And you couldn’t have said it better, that they’re not asking the same types of questions of huge Democrat leaders like Schumer and Pelosi, and they’re not hammering them with headlines about this all the time.

Instead, they run headlines to try to deflect from it. And you see this over and over again and this is just the latest example of this professional malpractice by the mainstream media.

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