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Interview with Sandy Rios on Manafort Indictment, North Korea

I read the 31 page indictment and think that this is not a negative thing for the Trump administration or those who were involved with the campaign.

In fact, it shows that the firework display that the mainstream media and the Democratic Party thought that they were going to provide to the American people in this special counsel investigation has turned out to be a huge dud so far.

If you look at the actual indictment, there is nothing that implicates the 2016 presidential campaign that Manafort is charged with. There are charges stemming from 2016 and 2017, but they all relate to statements that Manafort and Gates made related to prior conduct.

President Trump has been very blunt about saying how there was no collusion with the Russian government. If anything, this indictment bulwarks his assertion that there was no collusion and the special council is misguided.

I discussed this and increased North Korean tensions with Sandy Rios on American Family Radio. My segment starts at 20:00.