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Faith and Politics in this Election

I contributed my views to local public radio station WAMU about faith and politics in this presidential election.

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A Vote And A Prayer: Faith, Politics And The 2016 Election In The D.C. Area (WAMU)

. . . But even as some religious voters find themselves conflicted over how their faith clashes with the candidates’ beliefs, others such as Gayle Trotter see it differently.

“Who we are electing to the Oval Office is not someone we are trying to canonize,” she said. “It’s not someone we are electing as a spiritual leader.”

Trotter is a conservative Catholic commentator, a mother of six and a Trump supporter. “We are looking at who is the best person to reflect American values and someone who is going to defend what I and the Catholic bishops call our first freedom, which is the First Amendment, our freedom of religion.”

Trotter’s position is very similar to that of many white evangelicals who — according to the Pew report — overwhelmingly support Trump, just as they supported Mitt Romney in the last election. . . . (read article)