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Do liberal policies help the homeless?

When are liberals going to admit that their policies do more harm than good? They’ve created this welfare state that entraps the most vulnerable of our society in a cycle of dependency.

You see these folks in Manhattan (where 86 percent of the population voted for Hillary Clinton), LA and Seattle which are jurisdictions governed by liberals who never saw a environmental plastic bag tax that they didn’t like or an organic regulation that they didn’t like but they can’t craft policies that help fellow Americans not fall into homelessness. You are seeing the liberal’s reaction to setting up homeless shelters in their cities to be classic “NIMBY” — not in my backyard.

I joined Fox Business News host Charles Payne and political analyst Gina Loudon to discuss whether liberal policies have benefited the homeless population.


Don’t put homeless shelter in our city, Huntington Beach officials say (Los Angeles Times)

Huntington Beach officials are pushing back against an Orange County proposal to temporarily house up to 100 homeless people in an emergency shelter on county-owned land in the city. . . .

Backlash kills planned homeless shelter in Huntington Beach — just two days after being proposed (Los Angeles Times)