Supreme Court Video

Day One of Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings

The nomination and confirmation process is a two-key operation according to historical precedent. The President has the power under the Constitution to nominate judges for service at the Supreme Court and the Senate has the confirmation power. This is something the Founders understood and put into place. We’re seeing it play out exactly as it should under our Constitution. The Democrats are throwing tantrums because they cannot effectively oppose the confirmation of Judge Barrett. She has shown herself to be fair, independent, and faithful to the Constitution. She is someone who has impeccable legal credentials and she’s a good, compassionate person in her personal life. The Democrats in the Senate and their media allies are trying to paint her in an unfavorable light and are trying attacks they have used in the past against her.

On EWTN, I talked about Day One of the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett to be on the Supreme Court.

I also spoke with The Daily Caller on the hearings:

I was on the Kevin McCullough Radio show to discuss the hearings. My interview starts at the 16:36 mark:

I was also interview by NewsMax and OAN.

After all the interview were done for the day, I recorded my own views on the day’s hearings: