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Biden vs. the press in 2021

Did the media jack up expectations of Biden because he wasn’t Donald Trump?

During the 2016 campaign, the New York Times said they were abandoning objectivity when covering Donald Trump. But the press is being soft on Biden right because they are putting a positive spin on all these negative stories coming out. A journalist from the New York Times described how the press is covering Biden: it’s like the “good guy” is flailing and the press wants to stop seeing him flail.

There was a Washington Post article talking about Biden getting more negative coverage than Trump–which is patently absurd! Anyone with eyes can see that. The study the Post used was completely flawed.

The press coverage of the two administrations is VASTLY different.

Joe Biden is of the swamp, by the swamp and for the swamp. That’s why he expected the press to give him absolutely glowing coverage.

I was on Fox News MediaBuzz to discuss. Watch here:

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